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Apartments Leona are located in Makarska near the central city beach. In the reach of your hand you have everything you need.

Makarska is a small town on the Adriatic coast. It is only 60km away from Split and 140km from Dubrovnik. It is located in a naturally protected harbor surrounded by beautiful peninsula St. Peter and the cape Osejava. It is the only harbor of this kind in these areas and it served as a shelter for sailors in the past if they got caught in stormy weather. The climate is Mediterranean and this means that the city has hot and dry summers and its winters are warm and wet.

The city of Makarska is a famous tourist location. It is well known for its 2 kilometers long sandy beach, a beautiful promenade in the city centre lined with palm trees and surrounded by luxury hotels and many tourist facilities and sites.


  Apartmani Leona
  Lička 1, 21300 Makarska

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