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Best outdoor activities in Makarska

Published by   Mario Kovačević
Published:   2022-02-28  |   Updated:   2022-03-02

Makarska is paradise for outdoor activities all year long, but especially from May to October. No wonder that many professional sports teams choose Makarska for their training camp. Infrastructure is great, weather is mild and mostly sunny and people are very helpful and friendly. 

Here is a list of top outdoor activities to enjoy while you are on your vacation in Makarska.

1. Hiking

Although summer is not always the best time to visit Biokovo mountain, with right preparation it is more than doable. By right preparation we mean 3 things: bring enough water, bring adequate shoes and clothes and start very early, with sunrise. Also, try to stay on hiking trail all the time to avoid getting lost. We have a great mountain rescue service but please try to avoid calling them. If you follow these quite simple instructions, you will enjoy Biokovo and all its beauty. Views from the peaks are amazing and hiking to Biokovo is definitely best experience in Makarska for outdoor lovers. From recently, you can visit famous Skywalk on Bikovo but be aware of the crowds and the road is not for every driver.

2. Kayaking

During the summer, everyone wants to be as close to the sea as possible. And what better way than kayaking! Makarska has 2 penninusals, beautiful harbour, great beaches and mighty Biokovo mountain in behind so while kayaking, you will have great scenery. There is no need to bring a kayak in Makarska, you can rent it here or even better, you can take part in organized kayak tours by great team called Riviera outdoors. They are professionals providing kayak tours around the Makarska harbour and beaches.

3. Parasailing

Being on the beach in summer in Makarska, it is very difficult to avoid parachutes towed by speedboats. Many companies offer this kind of service and we definitely reccommend it. From up there, you will have a great view on Makarska and surroundings.

4. Swimming

And for the end, swimming :). Cheapest and easiest way to enjoy sea. We reccommend early hours as the sea is calmest in the morning. Bring your goggles to enjoy submarine life under you.


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