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Book your apartment directly!

Published by   Mario Kovačević
Published:   2022-03-08  |   Updated:   2022-03-09

Book your apartments directly!


These days, booking portals can add up to the price of your acommodation quite a few. Most people are not aware but the best and cheapest way to find your acommodation is finding direct website of the acommodation that you want to book. In that way, you can save up to 30%, sometimes even more. Also, you are contacting directy owner of the apartment, which is always better idea.

So, our advice would be that you find your apartment on one of the booking portals and then try to find do they have their own website.

You can book your apartment in Makarska at our place and avoid booking portals fee. Spend that extra money on something better, like food and drinks. :)

Book one of our apartment on the following link: Apartments Leona Makarska

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